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Client Success Stories of Howard Kahn

Almost all success stories will reveal some client information. Attorneys owe a duty to their clients not to reveal their clients’ confidential information. However, where the information is publicly available, no confidences are revealed as the facts are public records–jury verdicts, injunctions and judgments are public records and we are not revealing any client confidences when we identify those. We’ve been very careful to give you a flavor of the types of cases and their results without revealing client confidences:

  • Kahn v National Surety Corporation et al.

    In Howard Kahn’s first year of practice, he collected $133,500.00 arising out of his father’s $71,733.54 mechanics and materialman’s lien claim after 8 years of litigation, which included a published granted petition for writ of mandamus against a Texas district court judge. Kahn v Garcia, 816 S.W.2d 131 (1991). Howard assumed control of the case on the day after becoming licensed in the State of Texas in 1990 after 2 seasoned attorneys gave up.
  • State v Garcia; Garcia v Garcia.

    After first attorney withdrew, Howard won a jury trial acquittal for client wrongfully accused of DWI and then represented that same man as plaintiff in collecting policy limits on two liability insurance policies against prosecution’s principal witness.
  • Case Identifier undisclosed.

    Successfully defended national beauty product and service franchiser from a $40 million liability.
  • In Re Sanchez, Deceased.

    Successfully removed sole general partner from $8 million lottery winner’s estate planned family limited partnership who was also removed as independent executor of the estate and also removed as trustee from the accompanying inter vivos remainder trust.
  • Sanchez v. Blankenship.

    Convinced 12 member jury to find 12 year common law marriage resulting in substantial division of community property upon dissolution despite husband’s production of an antecedent non marital cohabitation agreement. Wife made dinner, mowed lawn, did their laundry and had her own job too.
  • Farias v. Lopez and United Foundation Repair.

    Won $110,000.00 Judgment of Non-Dischargability in bankruptcy court for fraud in a residential construction improvement project.
  • In Re Gregg-Ziatek

    Successfully defended out of state software engineer from local entrepreneur’s attempt to abscond with copyrighted software without paying for it and simultaneously sought and had granted New Mexico federal court injunction issued against Texas state court plaintiff. Then had Texas plaintiff’s state court case dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. Result: state court plaintiff\federal court defendant’s insurance policy paid big money to my client Ziatek.
  • In Re Jobert Development.

    Designed and implemented plan for developer to accumulate all lots in 50 acre 1949 paper street subdivision for purposes of replatting by filing approximately 25 lawsuits under the declaratory judgment act.
  • State of Texas v. PMI

    Successfully defended property owner being criminally prosecuted in jury trial for failing to prevent criminals in the dead of night dumping trailer loads of trash on its retail strip mall property for more than 10 years. This was a political case involving jurisdictional boundary disputes between the City of San Antonio and Bexar County. This one made the local nightly news in San Antonio, Texas. Six Bexar County Jurors found PMI not guilty.
  • Texas Mutual

    Designed and implemented uniform reporting and collection system reversing more than 95% of Texas Mutual’s denial of workers compensation on pharmaceutical vendor’s claims through the administrative hearing process.
  • In Re Skinner-Hanby.

    Successfully garnished bankrupt physician’s bank account to collect $7,500 sanction order rendered against him in family court. Child support and attorney’s fees arising out of a family court proceedings are typically non-dischargeable. After our garnishment was served, we had $20,000 cashier’s check in hand from bankrupt’s bank.
  • B. D. v M.M.

    Won policy limits on two motor vehicle insurance policies minor actual damages after drunk was driving the wrong way down a one way street.
  • Hon. Dale Gorczynski

    Won Writ of Prohibition against Hon. Dale Gorczynski on behalf of attorney client.

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